Spark Angel Network Was Ranked First Overall in Young Groups by Number of Investments

The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) has just recently released their annual report for 2017, and the Spark Angel Network is pleased to announce we are ranked first overall in Canada, in Young Groups by Number of Investments [compared to being ranked third in 2016]! The Spark Angels invested in 21 deals in 2017, totaling over $1.2 million.

(Mason & Hunter, 2018)

We are so excited and humbled by this news. Our members have volunteered countless hours of their time watching pitches and meeting with companies in Due Diligence sessions. Thank you to all of our members and partners for helping us reach these numbers!

Every day we are becoming closer to reaching our goal of helping transition Durham’s economy from metal-bashing to knowledge-based and fulfill a 20/20/20 objective – 20 companies, with 20 employees by the end of 2020.

NACO is the champion of Angel investors, incubators, and accelerators in Canada. By providing education, research, and networking events to this unique and important asset class, NACO ensures investors are familiar with industry best practices while entrepreneurs have access to critical early-stage funding.

This was NACO’s eighth annual Report on Angel Investment Activity in Canada. It is based on responses from 43 active groups, with 28 of these groups also participating in the 2016 survey. The remaining 15 groups completed the survey for the first time.

Angel groups made 505 investments in 2017, investing a total of $162.6 million. This represents a reasonable increase in investment activity in 2016 (20.8% increase in the number of investments and 3.4% increase in the amount invested) and a continuation of the year-on-year increase since 2013.

We couldn’t have made it to where we are today without the help from our members, board of directors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers– so for that, we thank you!

Bring on the next five years!


Mason, C., & Hunter, B. (2018). 2017 Report on Angel Investing in Canada. Toronto: National Angel Capital Organization.