Grants for Non-Profit Organizations-Google Ad Grants

We are happy to announce that we are receiving Ad Grants from Google for Google AdWords. This means we will be granted up to $10,000 USD per month towards Google Ad Words! Google Ad Grants are offered to non-profit organizations or charities. The process of applying for the grants was quick and easy-we highly recommend if you are a non-profit organization or charity to give it a go.  There are some restrictions, check out your eligibility here.

To become eligible for the program, we first had to register our organization with TechSoup, where we signed up as in individual- and then registered our organization. A few days later we were approved and received a validation token that we were able to register our organization with Google for their Google NonProfit Program. 

Once our organization was approved, and we received our validation token, we signed up here for the Google NonProfit account. Our request was approved within a day, we were then able to create our Ad Word Express Account! Please note- do not enter your billing information, you will be responsible for any charges being made on your account!!

There are some restrictions, such as maintaining a 5% click-through rate (CTR). It is important to learn them to hold on to that free account! Check those out here.

Have fun ‘Ad Wording-ing’!



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