What is an Angel?

Profile of an Angel

Angel members share their experience and expertise, collaborate on the due diligence process and provide mentoring guidance, to the investee companies thereby reducing their risk and exposure on any particular investment opportunity and increasing their degree of involvement and understanding in their private-equity investments.

Spark Angels are defined by their records of success. They are CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals who have proven their abilities in business. All of them meet the Ontario Securities Commission definition of accredited investor.

They are also individuals with a desire to expand their list of portfolio companies and assist in the growth of those companies by providing essential business guidance on key issues such as operations, team building and monetization strategies.

What does the Spark Angel Network Group do?

The Spark Angel Network Group facilitates networking and co-investment between investors in a region. Volunteers and member investors run the organization, with financial support from government and corporate partners. Typically, we invest at the seed stage and may provide follow-on funding to start-ups that need capital and other resources to continue to grow.

Who do we invest in?

There is a structured process that is followed in selecting the businesses looking for investment: explore; screen; select; coach; present; fact find; due diligence followed by a legal term sheet. By being part of the Spark Angel group you are amongst experts in their field while bringing your own experience and opinion to the group in order to make a difference to the local economy.

How do we assess the companies to invest in?

Members make individual decisions, but will collaborate in due diligence activities. Members may decide to invest by themselves or form an investment consortium. Spark Angel members are passionate about business and about their community. Contributing to the general prosperity of the region by helping worthwhile early stage and growth companies succeed is a principal objective of Spark Angels and its members.

An Accredited Investor

To apply for membership as a Spark Angel, you must be an ‘accredited investor’ (as defined by the OSC, under Rule 45), complete the application form and the accredited investor declaration. You must have the capacity and ‘good faith’ willingness (but not a requirement) to invest $25k+ per year in companies that are presented as investment candidates.