NDA & Non-Solicitation

The focus of the Spark Angel Network is to facilitate potential investment deals and the forum for these deals is facilitated through our monthly breakfasts. These breakfasts are not networking events. Attendance is by invitation only and RSVP is required. Members must sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement and adhere to our strict non-solicitation policy.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Due to the nature of our investment meetings and the disclosure of material that is presented, all members (accredited investors, associates, supporters) and their guests, are required to sign a NDA.


Non-Solicitation Policy

Members are not to be openly solicited for business during Spark Angel Network meetings and events.

This means that:

      • Members are not to introduce themselves for the purpose of selling their products or services during meetings.
      • Members are not to leave promotional materials on meeting tables or openly distribute such during Spark Angel Network meetings unless approved to do so at an exhibits program.
      • Members are requested to advise their guests of the Spark Angel Network non-solicitation policy prior to attending a meeting or event.

Strict adherence to these guidelines will provide a comfortable, professional and pleasant environment for all in attendance.