Spark Angel Membership

Membership is about Community

You do not have to be an Angel investor to become part of the Spark Angel Network. We value individuals, companies, local business associations and your dedication to the vision of the Angel group in Durham Region and Northumberland County.

All applicants to the Spark Angel Network will be assessed for eligibility and will be notified if approved for membership.

Attendance to our breakfast meetings is by invitation only and RSVP is required. Members must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and confirm their acceptance of our strict non-solicitation policy.

Angel Investor Individual Membership

You can become a member of the group as an individual investor. The benefits of being part of a group are based on the members themselves. We are looking for members who can share expertise and experience with both other members of the group as well as the companies that we invest in. This way we can share the expertise to get the best return on our investment, while making a difference in our community.

Annual cost for an individual member is $750 (+HST).

Become a Spark Angel Accredited Investor

Associate Member

Associate members are professional service providers who can help us with the investing process. The idea being they may have clients/connections who qualify to be an accredited investor and are interesting in learning more about diversifying their portfolio with Angel investment. Or they may know of an innovative business that is ready for early seed investment and has a pitch deck that has validated their market, their team and their future goals.

As an Associate member you will be able to attend our monthly Angel breakfast meetings and see company presentations. There may be certain parts of some meetings that non-accredited investors are not allowed to participate in and therefore will be asked to leave the meeting.

The focus of the breakfasts is to assess potential investment deals – it is not a networking event. Attendance is by invitation only and RSVP is required. Members must sign an NDA and confirm their acceptance of our strict non-solicitation policy.

Annual cost for an associate member is $375 (+HST).

Become a Spark Angel Associate Member

Community Partners

These are essential to the growth of the organization. We need involvement from these “supporters” to help us spread the word about the local Angel Network. They help us find local companies who need early-stage growth seed money to launch their business. The financial support is needed, so we can continue to bring great investment opportunities to the table and provide money, mentorship and experience to help local businesses on their path to success.

Annual cost for a community partner is as follows:
Community Leader        –  $2,500 (+HST)
Community Builder       –  $5,000 (+HST)
Strategic                           – $10,000 (+HST)

Become a Spark Angel Community Partner


As a community partner we offer several opportunities to thank you for your support.