Spark Angels Appoints Rob Edmonds As General Manager

As an organization, we have grown in both scope and size over the last 5 years and are now in a position to be able to bring on a full-time General Manager, to continue our efforts in playing a constructive role in the transitioning of our local economy from ‘metal-bashing to knowledge-based’.  To continue to grow and move forward, requires additional manpower and the addition of Rob fulfills that objective and requirement.

Rob will focus his time and efforts on all things Spark Angels and continue to work with Executive Director, Malcolm MacTaggart in making that happen. Malcolm has known Rob for over 4 years now and views Rob as “one of my best and brightest students”, then as one of his TA’s and subsequently in an intern role with the Spark Angels. Upon graduating from UOIT, Rob took a full-time role with our dear friends at the York Angels group. Over the last year and a half, Rob has proven himself to have been a valuable addition to their team in his role dealing with the operational aspects of York’s group.

Rob has over 3 years of experience now in the angel world and the time is right for Rob to ‘return home’ and contribute to our, Spark Angels, growth. He is a Durham boy, was raised here, went to school here and lives here. He’s fully committed to our vision of continuing the development and strength of the entrepreneurial eco-system in the Durham region. Rob will be working with all members of the local eco-system (the Spark Centre, Trent, UOIT, Durham College, Start Up Durham, Open People Network, as well as the various economic development and board of trade organizations throughout the region) and with our many partners outside the region (most particularly AIO, NACO, York Angels and the other angel groups throughout the Province). He will also be working with local businesses to develop community partner relationships with them as well as broadening our reach to touch future Spark Angel members within our community.

We welcome Rob in his new role as we enter the next phase of growth and development.